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Awesome game!

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Hiii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The idea/concept of the game is pretty great.

-The gameplay mechanics have a lot of potential, but they need some polish to make them shine.

-The visual style of the game is totally nailed, it has those "N64"/"PS1" era vibes.

-The difficulty is pretty high, I mean, the game can be intended to be hard, but the lack of any guidance at the beginning ingame makes it even harder, making new players get rejected by that.

-Pretty cool and creative death animations :D hahaha

In conclusion, the idea is great and I hope you keep working on it. Hopefully this is useful for the development :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Thanks for much for the feedback! I've definitely noticed people struggling to figure out the controls. This game was developed and playtested primarily with a controller, and it seems I didn't take into account that with a controller, pressing all the buttons to see what they do is pretty simple, but on a keyboard, it's not so simple since there's so many more keys. The recent 0.03 update tries to address this by mapping more keys to the crouch input (since people seem to not be realizing that Loper can do a Mario 64-style long jump and high jump). I've also added some NPCs to explain certain mechanics and toned down the difficulty in a few places. I hope that helps!

I'll be making a Youtube channel probably tomorrow and post some footage on there, so I'll remember to subscribe then.

That sounds pretty great, remind me when the channel gets online and I'll sub ^^

Sorry, forgot to mention, the channel is up now.

on my way ^^

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Thanks for the video! Footage of people playing the game is really helpful to me. The 0.03 update has added some NPCs to explain some of the mechanics and also mapped more keys to the crouch input, since I noticed a lot of people aren't realizing that Loper can do a long jump and high jump like in Mario 64.